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Company of the Meatshield

Oran Kilgour – Warrior of great strength on a divine path.
Cecil Axton – Half-Elven warrior whose virtue and arrows fly more true than his lineage.
Flint Ironcock – Dwarven warrior seeking to restore his family name.
Hamus Whitestone – A Dwarven cleric of Clangeddin and bearer of the Stonefist.
Dirk Ballzac – An Elven wanderer of unique skills with noble parentage.
Mordo Kilgour – Sworn blood-brother of Oran, Mordo pursues a darker path.
Calidore of Secomber – A man combining magic and politics in the pursuit of power.
Sagius Scindo – Half-orc mercenary with more enemies than friends.

Falcon – Poisoned, turned to stone and left for dead… only to return with a vengeance.
Relik – Ripped limb from limb by an army of trolls and buried in an ancient Elven Crypt.
Sagius Scindo – Decapitated by Flint Ironcock

Calidore of Secomber – Aged by a ghost to 85 years and weakened by dark magic, the adventurer’s life was too much. He now has retired to an estate home in Waterdeep.

Main Page

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