Mages - House Rules


Every spell for which a mage is eligible by virtue of level and other bonuses contribute to the mage’s total mana pool.

A 1st level spell contributes 1 point to the mana pool and costs 1 point when cast.

A 2nd level spell contributes 2 points to the mana pool and costs 2 points when cast.

For example: a 4th level Mage would have the following mana points based on his level.

Spell Level #/Day Mana
1st 3 Spells/day 3 Mana points
2nd 2 Spells/day 4 Mana points
Total Mana: 7

Bonuses are derived from the mage’s intelligence and will come into effect if a wizard has an intelligence of 15 or higher.
Intelligence Score Bonus
15: + 1 mana
16: + 2 mana
17: + 3 mana
18: + 4 mana

Casting Spells from the Mana Pool
In the case above, the mage could cast 7 1st level spells (7×1 = 7), or 3 2nd level spells and 1 1st level spell ([3×2 = 6 + 1×1 = 1] = 7).
Any spells memorized can be cast and re-cast until mana is depleted or roughly a day has passed (fatigue will impact the mage’s ability to cast and an intelligence check + level will determine success if entering fatigue).

Deferred Memorization
The mage may wish to defer studying/memorizing a spell for a given slot in order to apply it Ad Hoc (would still need to study for about 15 – 60 minutes before he could cast it though) and must have access to his book or a scroll and all the components necessary.

Exceeding Mana Pool
If the mage casts a spell that pushes him past his allotted mana pool then he will lose HPs = to the overage and fall unconscious for 10 minutes/point.
E.g. A mage decides to cast another 1st level spell even though he has no mana left. The Mage will suffer 1HP of damage and fall unconscious for 10 minutes.

Spell Maximization
The mage can maximize the output of a spell’s effects (dmg, range, duration, etc.) by sacrificing 3x’s the mana for the spell level (e.g. 1st = 3 mana points, 2nd = 6 mana points). If the casting a maximized spell exceeds that casters remaining mana then he will suffer the difference in HPs of dmg and be disoriented for a semi-random # of rounds based on the level of the spell (1d4 for 1st-3rd, 1d6 for 4th-6th, 1d8 for 7th+).

Scroll/Book casting
Higher level spells can be cast with a chance of backfire… (15 minus Int bonus)% X the difference in the spell’s level re: the caster’s highest level spell. So if the mage (with an Int of 18 – i.e. +3 Int bonus) can cast 3rd level spells and he tries to cast a 5th level spell from a scroll then (15-3)12% X 2 (5th level spell – 3rd max spell level) = 24% chance of backfire. The scroll and or page in the book are then consumed.

In addition to all regular cantrips, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Write Magic, and Identify will be classified as cantrips for wizards at fourth level or higher. A wizard has access to four cantrips at no cost to their mana. To memorize additional cantrips, the use of one mana point will allow for the memorization of an additional four cantrips.

Armour may be worn with the following consequences:
Light Armour = 20% chance of spell failure (if a 1 is rolled then backfire)
Medium Armour = 50% chance of spell failure (if a 1 is rolled then backfire)
Heavy Armour = 80% chance of spell failure (if a 1 is rolled then backfire)

You can use any weapon with which you don’t have a proficiency at the usual -2.

Scribe Scroll:
The ability to scribe a scroll occurs at level 1.

The wizards must have all necessary materials and a quiet place in which to write. The cost may be to purchase components.
Materials: Ink/Parchment/Quill
Time to Write: 1hr/spell level (once the creator reaches 9th level then divide by 2 and round up) – must be written to completion or you have to start again and have wasted the components.
Environment: Quiet and undisturbed, requires great concentration. – like a lab/library. The room of an Inn in which people are coming or going will double the time to create.

Creating New Spells:
There are two ways to grow a wizard’s spell book. Find scrolls and spellbooks and copy the spells or create spells. In order to create a spell to enhance a mage’s spell book, a great deal of research must occur. To demonstrate this, the mage will complete an ability check for their intelligence. If successful they can begin to develop the spell. The process to create the spell involves significant levels of gold. The formula is as follows:
[1/2(spell level X caster lever X 35)]= total gp.
Once the cost exceeds 250gp, it would take a full day to create, and for every 250gp thereafter would take another day to research/create the spell. You are not able to create spells greater than one level above your current highest spell level.

For example, a fourth level wizard would like to create a third level spell: The total gold= 210. The spell will take the better part of the day to create.


Mages - House Rules

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