Company of the Meatshield

The Road to Dragonspear Castle

The day was eventful, starting with Hamus’ duel with Bluesword and culminating in a fire in the castle.

Hamus’ has left Daggerford on a spiritual retreat promising to return in three days with a feast.

Dirk, severely burned, convalesces at the temple of Chauntea.

And as night descends you are all summoned to meet with Spearslayer for a meal and to discuss the day’s discoveries.

A small, makeshift office has been set aside near the castle’s kitchens to use as a study for the party. A table, big enough to seat all of you, has bowls of thin, watery brown broth, hunks of stale bread and cheese. In the center of the table lies a large 3 foot tome.

Sherlyn and Lady Bronwyn, brow furrowed in worry, stand in the room with Tranter, the captain of the castle guard. On the other side of the room stands Skyridge and Dalion looking solemn.

“Men, be seated and eat.” Sherlyn gestures to the table, in her hand a leather scroll case.

You barely take your seats before Sherlyn, all business as usual, begins.

“There’s been much that came to light today. Daggerford is in more dire trouble than ever we could have guessed. We have traitors and saboteurs in our midst, working for an enemy about whom we know little. Sir Llewellyn is nowhere to be found and we suspect that he is dead.” At this Lady Bronwyn looks away, wringing her hands.

Sherlyn continues “Other citizens too are missing, a member of the Builder’s Guild, who now we believe was one of the saboteurs. Some of you may have known him, Bolger Somerset from Waterdeep, or at least seen him in the past. If he turns up, which I doubt, we’ll have some stern questions to ask him.”

“We have also discovered that one of our most trusted friends was a traitor, Gwydion pen Dafwyd, trusted adviser. We also know that he was complicit in our Duke’s illness.” Lady Bronwyn casts a steely look at Mordo. “We need the duke well and we need him well soon. It has come to light that the enemy is fearful enough of the duke to want to keep him in his current state of distress.”

Question Period… this is the order of the questioning.

“Mordo, what have you discovered that might be of benefit to the Duke’s condition?”

“Calidore, tell us what happened in the library, to the best of your knowledge, given that Dirk cannot speak for himself at this small council.”

Mordo stands and speaks matter of factly about what he can offer. “I have come up with several spells that can be used to either attack the night hag, hide the duke, protect/dispel the spell, or to reveal the night hag:

Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound – once summoned it will protect the duke and attack the night hag, Summon lesser planar ally (Janni) – Same tactic as the hound spell, protection from evil – self explanatory, leomunds tiny hut – will allow the duke a full nights rest, rope trick – same as tiny hut, detect invisibility – to reveal the hag, magic missile attacks once revealed, force based attacks can transcend from our material plane to the ethreal plane but not vice versa.
I do not have access to some of these spells. Is there any high level mage I can speak with? If not, I suggest a protection from evil spell and I could cast leomunds tiny hut to hide the duke while he sleeps. I will stay with him throughout the night casting detect invisibility. Futhermore, I am not familiar with Cleric chants/prayers begging for power from gods or whatever you want to call it nor do I want to be…but I believe they can also use:
Dispel evil, protection from evil, undetectable alignment (to hide the dukes alignment which is used to detect it prey), exorcism spell.”
Calidore reflects on Mordo’s plan for a moment before standing to respond.

“Captain Spearslayer. Tranter. Thank-you for putting together this council. Today’s events at the library show just how callous our enemy is.

Our investigation brought us to the library and upon entry we seen what appeared to be Sir Llewelyn. He requested my assistance and as I approached and read the parchement on the table, I triggered a spell. The spell trapped me in a magical force and I lost all concept of time and awareness. While trapped in the spell, Dirk and the brave militiamen engaged the spell caster.

The fighting continued and sadly many lives were lost from an incredibly high powered fireball that exploded within the library. Many of the militiamen were completly consumed by the fire. Dirk sustained incredible injuries but continued to fight. When I came to, Dirk was battling Gwydion eventhough the wizard was invisible. The smoke was becoming so severe; as Dirk stabbed Gwydion he succumbed to the smoke filling the library. Dirk lost consciousness, but Gwydion was slain. We evacuated. I know that Tranter had entered the room and I can surmise that it must have been quite confusing for a time to see Dirk fighting Sir Llewlyn. Our enemy is clever, sinister, and they are well connected.

Upon searching Gwydion, I learned of Kelthas’ plans. He has successfully freed his master. Watoomb is now among us and his power and reach is growing. I discovered that Kelthas is the mastermind behind the two hobgoblin armies, and war is coming to Daggerford. Many of his followers have worked to undermine Daggerford’s resilience. I also learned of thier subterfuge, and seeing the pain and the deaths Daggerford has suffered I hope they are all brought to justice.

There are enemies among us as Captain Spearslayer reports. Watoomb’s power is all corrupting, and Kelthas fears the Duke. We must help him and prepare Daggerford for war.

The Duke is our great ally, but Kelthas has another fear. The tome you see has clues to defeat him. There is also a library at Dragonspear castle, which may end Kelthas reign of terror and send Watoomb back into whatever hell he comes from. Whatever the course of action, we must move swiftly and in stealth. We do not know if the enemy is spying on us now, but we know that Vulture is likely traveling to Dragonspear castle.

Captian, I trust I have answered your question. If there are more questions from you or from your militiamen, I am happy to answer.

I have only two questions. Can we [I gesture towards Mordo and Skyridge] study the tome, and do you want us to go to Dragonspear Castle?"

Spearslayer is agreeable to both options. Oran then asks a question and Spearslayer turns to answer:
“Yes. Oran, we need to discover who these traitors and saboteurs are immediately. There have been new faces in town recently, especially a group of mercenaries from Waterdeep who came back into town with you just yesterday. Start there, find them and whoever else is stirring up trouble here. Also, find Llewellyn, even if he is dead… we need to know. No one else is as aware of these circumstances as you and your party, the last thing we need is someone fear mongering the populace. Anyone who is stirring up dissent needs to be detained. We don’t want the rest of the town discovering how dire the situation really is.”

“Here, read these. Straight from the horses mouth.” She tosses the leather scroll case on the table for you all to read. “Find these traitors and saboteurs… find them and bring them to me to punish.”

The parchments are missives from Kelthas to Gwydion… promises of gifts for service.

In no particular order:

“Gwydion, Magus Extraordinaire, Master of the Arcane, once my associate arrives in Daggerford, his ship was delayed after his business with that fool Peirgeron, he will acquire for you Delfin’s books, the ones about which we spoke when I last visited, in exchange for your continued support of my master. As noted during my last visit, the other tomes will be brought to me. My associate will contact you when his business is concluded. Bear in mind that you are not to discuss my master with my associate from Waterdeep. K”

“Gwydion, Magus Extraordinaire, Master of the Arcane, as you know the Duke’s been having a nocturnal visitor. The duke is a strong leader and it is in our best interests to keep him out of the oncoming war, rather than just deal with him like we did with Delfin, my master suggests making him infirm and a distraction. To that end, his nocturnal visits shall continue, causing him to linger between life and death until such time as his death meets my master’s needs. You must prevent knowledge about how to battle Aunty’s visitations from being discovered, distract Delfin and those foolish priests at all costs. The Eye will be yours if you can keep the duke at death’s door. K.”

“I am surrounded by incompetence! That fool you sent me with the virgin girl caused a catastrophe! He defiled her before the ceremony causing me great physical harm and has put my master’s plans in great jeopardy. Your services are not required at the moment. K.”

“Gwydion, Magus Extraordinaire, Master of the Arcane, I have to apologize for my last letter. I was overwrought at the prospect that freeing my master was thwarted by that fool. Your gift is much appreciated, the Eternus Libris will be very helpful for a spell I am working on. Now I simply need a sufficient subject. Speaking of subjects, I have procured the services of one of the lizard folk to secure another sacrifice for the ceremony. We have been delayed but not yet thwarted. My master is eager for release and all who supported him will be rewarded grandly. The army already musters at Illefarn, Laughing Hollow was no match for the size of the force, we have convinced two hobgoblin high-chiefs to oversee the others with the promise of the fertile lands between Secomber and Waterdeep. K.”

“Gwydion, Magus Extraordinaire, Master of the Arcane, SUCCESS! My master is free and his blessings flow through me. Soon my friend, soon we shall walk the ether like we walk the ground beneath our feet. True power awaits as my master regains his strength. Until then, keep the duke on death’s door and Daggerford in chaos. I was unhappy to hear that your associate in the Builder’s Guild has fled after doing such a fine job sewing chaos. On a better note, I have also perfected the spell about which I told you. We have a new associate, one that is unfailingly loyal to me and formidable to my enemies. I have called him Vulture and you shall see him soon enough. K.”

“Gwydion, Magus Extraordinaire, Master of the Arcane, the resources of the library of Dragonspear must be collected and sent to me at once. They may have information that can be used against us, though I believe that many of the tomes still sit hidden in Dragonspear. I will be sending my creation to Dragonspear to retrieve them once he has secured an artifact for me.”

“You must leave to Dragonspear Castle.”


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