Company of the Meatshield

Smoking pile of trolls...

Road to Dragonspear

Our mules pull us onward after our epic battle with the trolls. Between the mules’ hoof prints and the endless line of the sled tracks there is nothing but stillness. Relik rests and heals after his heroic confrontation with a two-headed troll. Everyone else is on guard. We move forward. Nine days to Dragonspear Castle. What possibly awaits us? We have had great battles, interpersonal conflicts, we have saved lives and helped those in distress, we have also won a whole lot of arm wrestles! The dangers have been growing; the weather worsens. In the back of our minds, we are aware that war is coming. Can the twelve of us make a difference? Will the dwarves unite behind their new king if we return the sceptre? Will we find the tools to weaken Kelthas’ armies? Will Vulture be waiting for us? Many questions to ponder on this endless road…


craigpettie craigpettie

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