Dragonspear Castle – Preamble

To the east of the Trade Way between The Way Inn and the Winding Water over 200 miles from Daggerford, there is a trio of low hillocks bearing the sprawling, desolate ruins of Dragonspear Castle. This is an evil place. Originally the home of Daeros Dragonspear, a famous adventurer, the castle fell on hard times after his death a couple of generations ago. Recently, an evil agent allied with the goblinkind of the High Moors opened a gate to the Underworld within the castle. Outbreaks of creatures leaving Dragonspear precipitated a war between the evil forces and the trading cities, led by Waterdeep. The creatures were soon beaten back to the castle, but the siege of the castle itself lasted two years and took the lives of many brave men, including
Pryden, the former duke of Daggerford and Codriel Storm-Speaker (uncle to your own Dirk) an Elven noble of the Ardeep. The war did not reach Daggerford, but the region is still plagued by evil creatures. Most parties traveling between The Way Inn and Boareskyr Bridge do so in large, well-armed caravans. There is a small shrine to Tempus set up by priests within the ruined walls, but rumors persist of excavations that predate Daeros. A gate that is still operational is also rumored to exist.

Company of the Meatshield

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