Sir Hamdal

Paladin of Bahamut




Ok Alt character time work in progress, I just took the Character I made from Tim’s game because Paul and Tim were present when I roll the Character.

Sir Hamdal

Human Paladin of Bahamut
Age: 35

Str: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 15
Cha: 17 (fuckin gorgeous)

Born into a Barbarian tribe far north in the snowy Icewind Dale region. Battle was what tribe life style was based around, so much so that the males become blooded warriors at the age of 8. Conflicts were weekly with opposing Human tribes, Orc tribes, Goblin tribes and raids on the Ten Towns.

The tribe he came from never gave names to the children. They were instead given exaggerated titles of their accomplishments, like “Fire Gut” a barbarian who took several flaming arrows to the stomach from an Orc and strangling said Orc with his own bow string.

At the age of 10, upon approaching the Ten Towns for a routine raid, the party ran into an Orc raid party and a Goblin raid party. Each heading towards the Ten Towns. A trifecta battle between the three raiding parties broke out.
The commotion got the interest of some nearby White Dragons. Chaos ensued.

The child awoke after the battle, wounded, groggy and on the outskirts of the battle field. Disorientated, he began to wander through the snowy woods. Soon after he was discovered by a cloaked figure from the woods, before loosing consciousness.

The child awoke once more, this time in a beautiful, elegantly simple clean temple surrounded by more cloaked figures. It was here that he was given his name, Hamdal, and enlightened in the teachings of Bahamut. He was also formally educated in scholarly and clerical techniques. Because he was already trained in combative means, the cloaked figures kept him physically trained.

At the age of 28, Hamdal was to leave the temple at the cloaked figures request, to spread the will of Bahamut.

Bahamut is very stern and disapproving of evil. He accepts no excuses for foul deeds. On the other hand, he is very compassionate, and has boundless empathy for the weak and downtrodden. He urges his followers to promote good, but to let people fight their own battles when they can, providing healing, information, or temporary safe refuge rather than fighting alongside those who can fight for themselves.

Bahamut’s own greatest priority is his endless war with his sister Tiamat. He opposes all her schemes, answering them move for move. He values wisdom, knowledge, prophecies, and song. For a dragon, he is neither vain nor greedy.


Sir Hamdal

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