Saguis Scindo


Saguis’ Character Sheet

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Saguis Scindo

Sag’s mother, Cora Scindo was a human living just north of Waterdeep on a small farm with her husband

Harmon. A group of marauding orcs attacked their settlement. They slaughtered the animals, burnt the

farm to the ground and brutally murdered Harmon. A passing patrol from Waterdeep noticed the smoke

and after investigating the site, they were able to track the orc party and dispatch them, but not before

Cora had been raped by their immensely strong leader. Cora was taken back to Waterdeep where she

worked at the Tilted Pint, a rough Tavern frequented by the lowest of the sailors that Glide into the

deep harbours with their ill-gotten goods.

Saguis was 6 when his mother disappeared. Without a way to pay his stay at the Tavern, he was quickly

thrown out on the streets. Allthough Waterdeep is largely a benevolent place to live, it is still no home

for a 6 year old half orc. Sag had to grow up quickly on the street. His abnormal strength helped him

with this and even as an 8 year old he was beating up any 14 year olds who tried to pick on him. One

such engagement was when another older street boy attacked him for some bread he had stolen. Sag

grabbed a broken table leg that he used as a club and with one swing he caught the other kid on the

jaw and broke his neck. The other boys raced off to grab someone from the Waterdeep watch and that

would have been the end of Sag if Mr. Lucius had not seen his display and spirited him away to Skullport,

the insidious undercity of Waterdeep. Mr. Lucius ran an information ring. Everything that happened in

Waterdeep or Skullport, he knew about. He liked the strength and courage that Sag had showed up on

the streets and used him as a runner. Sag would run messages up to certain people in Waterdeep as well

as to other houses in the undercity, Skullport. He was never privy to the information in them and didn’t

care. He used his unrestricted movements around the city to try to look for his mother. He never found

her and eventually lost all hope he would see her again. Murdered he figured, for the change in her

barmaids gown.

As Sag grew up he became even stronger and Mr. Lucius trained him to use maces. A weapon much

more suited to Sag’s fighting style, he didn’t have to worry about which end was sharp, just that he had

to hit the opponent hard. He became too big to be a runner and was pumped up to house guard. Sag

never liked the work he did but didn’t see any way out. He became bored with his duties and starting

betting his meager wages on arm wrestling competitions and wrestling competitions. Soon after, there

were few who would accept his challenges and he had saved up 500 gold pieces.

One night, Sag got drunk and was boasting that he would bet 2000 gold that he could beat anyone in

a wrestling competition. Finally a man of small stature appeared. He was just over 5 feet tall and very

lithe. He did not carry any noticeable weapons. The only thing that Sag knew was that this mysterious

man worked for house Krull, one of the more powerful houses in Skullport. What Sag didn’t know

was that this was Artemis, house Krull’s best enforcer. Artemis was intelligent and walked like water

flowed. What he lacked in strength he made up for with his belt of Titan strength. This magical item

that he had procured from one of his dead “assignments” had helped him throw boulders and bend

iron bars. He preferred the silent parts of his duties, whether it was “persuading” people to give him

information, quietly silencing ones who were giving out too much information, or supplying a specific

item his masters wanted. Artemis had heard Sag’s boasts for a few nights and had decided it was time

to shut him up. They went outside and squared up. It was over before it began. Artemis swept Sags feet

out from underneath him, landed 2 solid punches on his jaw and had him pinned in a heartbeat. Artemis

grabbed Sags hand and hauled him back to his feet and whispered in his ear, “I want my 2000 gold by

tomorrow night or you can join my trophy collection.”

Sag knew he was dead for but there was no hiding information from Mr. Lucius. He had ears

everywhere. As soon as Sag returned home, Mr. Lucius informed him that he was to be a mercenary. He

would earn the other 1500 gold he owed Artemis and another 1500 to pay Mr. Lucius for the dishonor

that Sag brought on his house.

Sag did a few mercenary runs, both by land and sea and was slowly paying back his debts. He knew

that he would probably die before he could make 3000 gold off his maces. He was eventually hired by

a Melger Somerset to escort some supplies to Boareskyr. Melger outfitted the whole troop with proper

armor, saying that they were to return it once the task was completed. His goods needed protection

and so did those doing the protecting. Once the caravan passed The Way Inn, his group was joined by

roughly 200 orcs and goblins. Sag new that the shit was going to hit the fan, but like his fate with Mr.

Lucius, he couldn’t see any way out. The small army attacked a few caravans and made its way to “The

Spear.” A settlement in the High Moors. A lizardman appeared one night and commanded that the

Tempest temple at the Dragonspear Castle be wiped out. During the chaos of the attack on the temple,

Sag slipped away. Finally he was free from his debt, and from Mr. Lucius. He had an advance of coin in

his pocket, and could go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted. While his mind raced about

what to do, his feet took him back towards Waterdeep the only place he had ever known. Maybe he

would divert around it and continue north. He heard strong arms were needed up in Nesme. A town

that was always being attacked by Trolls, o how he hated trolls. Damn things could tear a cleric in 2 he

had heard, but he was no Cleric.

Sag quickly ran out of food. Looks like his new life was going to end before it began, just like that fateful

fight against Artemis. Then Sag looked up and saw an old dwarf pointing his way. Another fight? A new

start maybe? Right some of his wrongs? Or should he just kill them while they sleep?

Saguis Scindo

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