Flint Ironcock

A one-eyed, half bearded dwarf. Yeesh


Flint’s Character Sheet

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Born in a northern mountain known as the Spine of the World, to an ancient family of fierce warriors and heroes known as Clan Ironstar, “the Shields of the Mountain”. Flint’s clan, among other dwarven clans within the Mountain, were all but eradicated defending their home from a large tribe of fierce Bugbears. Flint’s grandfather and clan leader, Duror “Shield Sunderer” was one of the fallen – survived by his son, Balar “The Mace” and grandson Flint, son of Balar.

Stricken with grief from the loss of his father, Balar spent his family fortune on drinking and gambling on rooster fights. The other clans became concerned with the state of their defenders, Clan Ironstar. They gave Balar time to grieve and wallow in drunken self pity hoping he would pull himself out of his despair and lead the clan to glory once again. As time went on, Balar spiraled deeper and deeper into his own devices. Flint could do nothing but watch as his family name was becoming sullied, and his once proud home was converted into a gambling ring for cock fights.

Rival Clan Frostbeard, lead by Thorlak Frostbeard and other clan leaders confronted Balar in his home turned gambling ring, to see if he would take leadership of the Ironstar’s. Balar’s response was simply “the only things ‘ll be leadin’ are my IronCOCKS” as he held up one of his prized roosters and bellowed with laughter until the clan leaders left the hall.

The remaining Ironstar members were now referred to as the Ironcocks, causing most of the Ironstar’s to leave the mountain in shame. Flint knew he didn’t have the respect of the other clan leaders, he also knew he was still green in battle and too inexperienced to lead the Ironstar’s to former glory. Disgusted with his father, Flint left the mountain to Daggerford where he would seek to restore glory and honor to his true name, Ironstar.

Flint Ironcock

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