Dirk Ballzac


Dirk’s Character Sheet

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Dirk Ballzac was born into a highly renowned family that resided in the Ardeep Forest. His father, Hadriel, was among the top warriors located in the region and held many high honours from adventures and battle past. His brother, Coquen, was the older sibling in the family and was eagerly following in his fathers footsteps and making quite a name for himself with his fighting prowess. Dirk excelled at the theory of fighting, could wield any sword with skill, loose an arrow with tactical precision but when it came to actual fighting he would get extremely nervous and could not fight to his full ability and would lose most of the duel he entered into. After a couple of years of this going on, the other residents of Ardeep forest began to talk about how the son of an amazing fighter and adventurer could not fight. They began to call him a coward for being afraid to fight, when his father received word of this he sat Dirk down and explained that he can’t be afraid and would have to fight to prove himself. The next day his father pitted Dirk against Coquen. Although Dirk forced himself to fight, believing his brother would not hurt him to bad, Coquen won the battle easily leaving Dirk lying in the mud, battered and bloody. Hadriel couldn’t force himself to watch his son be called coward and lose fight after fight, the next day he sent Dirk out of the forest. With supplies on his back and the knowledge that he would be allowed to join his family home if he proves to his father that he can gain the honour and acknowledgements that his father had received.
The first two months on his own went better than expected. With his knowledge of hunting, trapping and survival he made a shelter in a forest that was a weeks ride from his home at Ardeep. After those two months things started going downhill, he had lost or broke most of his arrows while out hunting and was running desperately low on food. With no gold left in his pouch and no food in his belly he decided that he would have to sink lower than he had before and try to steal some food. He wandered into the nearest town, Waterdeep, with his cloak wrapped tight around him hiding his sword and dagger, and his hood pulled down over his face to hide who he was, although no one should recognize him here. The first thing that he saw was a fruit stand with a couple of apples sitting close to the edge. Not knowing what to do he walked by at a fast pace, grabbing two apples and in his haste knocking over the other two onto the ground. In the confusion with the person owning the stand yelling at him for knocking into his stand he reached down and grabbed the other apples and started running as fast as he could. He couldnt tell if it was the thrill of getting away with the theft or the fact that he had gotten some food in his stomach, but he had felt the happiest he had in a while. That night while he slept he dreamed of all the things he was going to do once he could get his start. The next day when he woke and finsihed the last of the stolen apples the thought donned on him that if he could take apples why couldnt he take some gold. After all he just needed a little bit of gold so he could afford to hitch a ride somewhere, anywhere.
That night he had planned what he thought was the perfect heist. His plan was to wait somewhere in the darkness and watch for someone to stumble out of a tavern, follow them and use his sword to intimidate them to get the little bit of gold they had left. He didnt want to take to much at a time to arouse the suspicion of any nearby guards. The first night went off without a hitch. He followed a drunken half-elf out of the tavern, waited long enough for him to get somewhere dark. He came out of the darkness, flashed his sword and the patron threw down his pouch and ran. He figured that this could be quite the deal and in no time would have enough money to hitch a ride. The second night didnt go as well as the first however. Same plan, different part of town. As he was following his soon to be victim he was so engrossed in his mission that he failed the see that he had picked up some unwanted attention of four people. No sooner had he robbed his victim that he was approached by four men, half-elves by the looks of them. These four were equipped with leather armour and all had longsword hanging off there belt. They started harassing Dirk and trying to take his gold, Dirk grabbed the hilt of his sword and drew it, fully expecting to die, the anxiety came back and his hands started to shake. No sooner had the first man drawn his sword, in response to Dirk drawing his, there seemed to be a shadowy figure standing behind him. He took one step forward then was stopped suddenly by the blade that was sticking out the front of his gut. As the sword was withdrawn the man dropped, the man beside him started to turn to see his partner drop to his knees and die. The shadowy figure planted his dagger in the man’s neck before he could turn any more. The dark figure moved with excellent precision and deadly silence to dispatch the other two before they could even draw there weapons. As Dirk stood there wondering what had happened, the dark figure showed himself. Dirk’s gripped the hilt of his sword even tighter, he brought the sword up to swing but stopped. The shadowy man stood there with his one hand up telling Dirk to stop. He introduced himself as Durvel NightShadow, a master thief and deadly assassin. He told Dirk to put his sword away and to follow him as he walked back towards the tavern. Dirk reluctantly agreed, sheathed his sword, reached down and grrabbed the dead mens gold pouches and trudged after the man that had saved his life.
As they sat at the tavern Durvel ordered them both food and ale, although he made Dirk pay for it with the stolen gold. Durvel said that he had seen Dirk the last three nights and watched his pitiful, although successful, attempts at thievery. After a night of drinking and talking Dirk had told Durvel his whole story, how he would get anxiety when he would fight, how he was sent away by his father and how he was trying to gain his families honor back. The master thief tells the young elf from Ardeep forest that he can show him how to make a name for himself. Dirk stayed with Durvel for the following year, learning everything that his teacher could bestow onto him. During the year Dirk had vowed that he would not use these new skills to make a bad name for himself and Durvel was starting to get irritated by a apprentice thief that would no longer steal for the thrill of it and would take to many “heroic” risks. After the year was done Dirk had learned all that Durvel could teach and they parted ways, Dirk had a horse full of supplies and started off on his journey. As he was going he thought about the last year, how Durvel had given him new confidence in a new fighting style. His new style, strike fast and hard when given the right chance and the correct art of backstabbing, had differed greatly from his fathers and brothers style that they took lots of unnecessary risks and attack before fully knowing what your up against. He also thought about all the skills that he was taught. He hadn’t excelled at hiding in the shadows but Durvel promised him that it would get easier with time along with all his other skills.
Two days into his journey he was trotting down the road on his aptly named horse, Clip Clop, when a sudden viel shriek stopped him in his tracks. He dismounted, tied Clip Clop up and went to investigate. Using all the skills that were taught to him he managed to sneak up a hill and watched in amazement at the fight that was taking place in front of him. He saw four figures dressed in the same kind of garb fighting some lizardmen. He watched as what looked like the wizard of the group broke ones neck with his staff, another which looked like a fighter was cleaving lizardmen left, right and center. After the battle Dirk noticed that on top of the hill a very menacing creature appeared, the group began to lob arrows at him while he threw javelins at them, some of the people without bows actually picked up the javelins and decided to throw them back at there enemy. Dirk found this very strange as why you would want to arm your enemy again but he decided to each there own. While all the others seemed to hide behind there horses for safety one man stayed up front, either very brave or very stupid. Within minutes of being in the open he was impaled by the javelins that the group so kindly gave back to the man on the top of the hill, who fled after throwing the last of his weapons. Dirk watched as this guy laid one the ground with javelins sticking out of him, while his group stood around and were not in a big hurry to try to help him. He has to be dead Dirk thought, or else someone would be helping him. He sat there and watched as they gathered their spoils of war, loaded up the limp body of the lifeless man and headed away from the area. For some reason Dirk was drawn to this group and had a feeling that they would be go on great adventures. Since they had just lost a person he figured that they had an opening in there group. As he followed them, at a reasonable distance, they came upon the town of daggerford. They went into the barracks and Dirk figured that they must be part of the militia, which is why they were all dressed similar. After the group left the barracks, still with the lifeless body, he went in to sign up for the militia. After he signed up he asked if he would be able to join the group that just left, because they just lost a man and would need another to replace. The lady then told him that he could join that group and would introduce him but she also enlightned him on the fact that although the man appeared to be dead he was not. She told Dirk about clerics, healing spells and resurrection spells. After she was done telling him about all the ways that these healers can bring you back after you are dead Dirk felt a flow of confidence flow over him, now knowing that if someone were to strike him down in battle that one of these clerics could easily bring him back.
As he followed the lady out of the tavern, dressed in his new militia gear, and heading to meet his new team he new that this would be the way to regain his honour and will be allowed back into Ardeep Forest.

Dirk Ballzac

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