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Cecil of the Fire Knives

Born a half-elf, Cecil has little to no information about his elven heritage from his mother as he never knew his mother. His human father, master assassin Adon of the Fire Knives thieves guild, never spoke of Cecil’s mother, and Cecil had learnt early on to never bring up questions about his mother. Cecil knows very little about his early life, and his fathers work kept Cecil in the Cormyr area for the majority of his younger life.
Interested in expanding the Fire Knives to more into more predominant cities across Faerûn, Lord Tagreth Cormaeril Grandfather of Assassins, assigned Adon to begin establishment of a Fire Knives chapter in Waterdeep. Moving to Waterdeep at about the age of 7, Cecil had adopted this city as his home city.

Being a master assassin, Adon had his son trained in quick movement and ranged combat and educated him on the History, races and creatures of Faerûn. Adon also had Cecil trained in the Laws of the Fire Knives Society, but Cecil could not accept the morals of the society because deep down in his core he could not accept the murder of a person without just cause, a feeling Cecil did his best to hide from his father.

On his 18th birth year Cecil was gifted with his first assigned target, a young pregnant woman 3 months with bastard child who could derail the career of a prominent up-and-coming Waterdeep politician. Upon arrival at the young woman’s residence with his assassin handler for his first mission, Cecil had refused to kill the woman and attempted to protect her from his handler. Cecil was overwhelmed by the handler and the woman was slain, Cecil was apprehended by Fire Knife agents to face his father.
Disgusted in his son, Adon disowned Cecil, and began to read a scroll to open a portal. Before shoving Cecil through the portal he gave Cecil one final stern backhand and raised his voice “Refuse a kill with no honour, then I shall return the favour. There is no honour in killing a pathetic little half breed such as yourself. You are hereby excommunicated from the Fire Knives and to be hunted like the mutt you are, until you become a worthy enough kill that I may claim myself.”

Thu’rum the Half-Orc of Nobanion

Cecil was transported to the middle of a forest he was unfamiliar with, and wandered for several days, barely surviving. On the third day he was chased down by two gnolls who eventually closed in on him. No where to run Cecil was ready to fight, expecting to die. Out from the forest an old Half-Orc descended upon the gnolls with a mighty golden heavy pick in the shape of a Lions head, forcing the gnolls to retreat. This Half-Orc took Cecil under his shoulder to a safer section of the woods where he set up a camp to assist in Cecil’s recovery. It was here the Half-Orc introduced himself as Thu’rum ‘Man Swallower’ a Ranger who followed to divine guidance of Nobanion, and informed Cecil he was in the Reaching Woods, east of Baldurs Gate. Cecil had nothing to hide from his new found saviour/companion and explained the predicament he found himself in. Thu’rum told Cecil that he was a wandering Ranger and Cecil could travel along with him as far as he wishes. “If you do chose to do so, be prepare to be open minded to learn a thing or two.”

Cecil did stick with the old Half-Orc and began to accept pieces of the dogma attached to Nobanion.

“Only the strong survive, but they survive best by being leaders, not tyrants, by protecting the weak, not bullying them. All creatures have their strengths in the assigned roles and should be encouraged to find their niche. From cooperation between beings of differing strengths comes the strength of teamwork and community, the strongest force of all. By demonstrating compassion and tolerance and living within the land, all living creatures may find harmony with nature and one another. By staying true to oneself and one’s pride and conducting oneself with dignity and honor, the respect of one’s peers may be earned.”

Thu’rum did not only teach Cecil of religion, but also the ways of becoming a Ranger and how to survive off the land. Together they worked great as a team, Thu’rums strength and Cecil’s dexterity made them formidable to any one or thing that tried to harass them.

A year and a half passed by when the two were camped just outside of Daggerford when they were approached by a man looking to share their fire. Thu’rum agreed to the company, unfortunately their hospitality was met with devious intentions when Cecil noticed the hilt of the strangers dagger was one of the Fire Knives assassins. Before Cecil could act Thu’rum was shot with an arrow that pierced into his lower back. The two were under attack by two more Fire Knives hidden in the woods. A fight ensued which Thu’rum and Cecil had emerged victorious from, but the arrow that had hit Thu’rum was poisoned. Thu’rum was over taken by the poison mere minutes after the fight, collapsed and died. Cecil buried his mentor along with with his golden lions head heavy pick in an unmarked grave, and burned the bodies of the Fire Knives.
Cecil headed to Daggerford as a mean to recover. It was here he accepted a position with the local militia and would use his status as a guard to do what he was taught by his now deceased friend; to protect and seek justice for the weak, by being honourable, compassionate and tolerant. He would not stand for intolerance towards ‘half breeds’ or any prejudices towards ‘lesser races’. He would be true to himself and hold himself with dignity and honour so to call out any Fire Knives from the shadows, and by slaying each one the seeks to harm himself or others will one day become a worthy enough kill.

It was here he met his new and current companions and Friends. They all come from different aspects of life and have very diverse skills that creates the strength of team work Thu’rum would probably credit to Nobanions divine will.

The Raiding Lizard Folk:

The Escort mission:

Green Water:

Illafern and back Again:

Cut off his hands:

Breaching the hag:

Death of Falcon:

Battle for Castle Agwain:

Crowning of a King:

The Road to Dragonspear Castle:

Smoking Pile of Trolls:

Troll-a-palooza/To Rescue an Owl:

Entrance to the Temple of Tempus:



Sargash, the Goblin Village:

The Wailing River:

Back to the Trade Way:

Notable Kills:
Falcon (group effort)
Some Orgre mage [meh] (Assist by Flint)
Orcs dragging the Dwarfs away (was pretty cool)
Dwarf in the Crypt (not the best idea)
Banshee on the tower w/Dirk
Halfling ghost (when the DM though I wasted my slayer arrow)
Lazel Succubus

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Character From the lords of darkness campaign.

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MAP OF FAERUN USED http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/398714/modules/forum/attachments/Faerun+post-Spellplague_1369136731.jpg

Cecil Axton

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