Calidore Dormammu

Quest for power cost him his youth


Calidore’s Character Sheet

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Born: Calidore Tigernach:

- Lived outside the Village of Secomber on a quarter section of land.
- Calidore’s Mother Lily Trasker was Secomber’s Captain of the Guard (Ret.). His Father is the heir of the Tigernach Estate a reasonably large plot of crop growing land and small tower keep overlooking a country villa.
- The Tigernach’s provided initial financial support to Trasker Selarn Ranger Lord of Secomber.

- Calidore started as a swordsman with the Secomber Militia.
- He was a successful and skillful warrior, but it was noted early on that Calidore was articulate and would make an excellent Diplomat for Secomber and the Baron Alliance of the local region.
-Calidore is quite charismatic and befriended many of the local dwarves. He speaks perfect dwarven.

-Calidore received instruction on diplomacy and the languages of the region from Edward Selarn who is Lily Trasker’s younger brother. Edward was a warrior and a scholar.

-Calidore discovered a small spellbook exploring the ruins of Athlantar the once might City of the Stag on which Secomber is founded.
- In between lessons with Edward and the militia training, he studied magic and picked up the basics with relative ease.
-The spell book had 12 spells. Mostly first level spells but a few were more advanced (see spell book). Calidore realized he loves the study of magic and recognizes it is an expensive and complex passion. He will do what is necessary to grow as a wizard, and Calidore hopes to inherit his family’s estate and continue the study of magic.

- Skills were noted by Amelior Amanitas local mage.

-Calidore begins to study with Amelior and leaves the militia. Amanitas and Edward Trasker begin to further develop his skill set in diplomacy and it’s other functions.

-Calidore soon learns there is more to diplomacy than endless meetings, dinners, and smiling. Sometimes the best way to address a threat is to eliminate it.

-His first mission was to deliver a missive to Rein’s Keep to the East of Secomber before Loudwater. Baron Ryan was informed of the growing threat of Orcs in the area. He was successful, but was forced to kill a traitor of the Baron’s militia. He developed strong relations with the Baron and his family.

-Prior to being sent on mission to Daggerford, Amelior provided Calidore with a hawk familiar named Arcteryx.

-Created the Order of the Dark Fire Mages with Mordo Kilgour.

-Dragonspear Castle had a profound impact on Calidore as he was able to see true magical power for the first time including a portal to hell itself. The affect has made him darker. Hastening his decent into darkness is the crushing defeat he suffered at the ethereal hands of a ghost. Now aged to that of an 80 year old man, he is in a race against time.

-He has taken possession of a rare artifact; a cube that allows him to destroy the living souls of anyone. Upon learning this, he has taken on the name of Dormammu.

-At the Siege of the Way Inn, Calidore rescued both Mordo and Cecil and flew each of them to safety. Upon saving them, Calidore flew back into battle and three ogres attacked him with boulders mid-flight. Sustaining brutal attacks to his head and body, Calidore plummeted to the ground suffering a severe concussion that left him unconscious. Worse still, as the ground was racing up, his now aged heart gave out and he suffered a massive heart attack. Calidore lost two intelligence points for the concussion as his personality has been affected. His worsening heart condition has left him with a shortness of breath that has reduced his movement by half.

- After the seige, Calidore became an apprentice of Mab the Lich wizard who has a tower that hides in plain sight at the Way Inn. He has gained considerable magical knowledge and has started to summon a Quasit. The summoning was far more intense and involved summoning and controlling a demon. The events were dangerous and there were several moments where Calidore was on the brink of death. So while the summoning seemed successful, Mab had other errands for Calidore and Mordo to complete.

- The return to Daggerford was a humbling experience. After the two month expedition, the Company returned to an authoritarian stronghold. The Duke of Daggerford and Baron Agwain the new commander of Daggerford were at odds. Calidore and Mab brought scrolls to each of them from Mab. Calidore believes that Mab is now influencing events in Daggerford.

-Master of the Darkness: Calidore’s reputation has increased and Liam Sunmist the High Priest of Lathander even visited Calidore with a sinister request. He sought a wizard to make him immortal a twisted undead version of himself. While Calidore was interested, the spell required the death of a child. With that, Calidore killed Liam and acquired all his platinum.

-Three days later the body of Liam was found by authorities and Calidore was arrested for murder. Many plots weaved together and Mordo and Calidore broke out of prison and lead a complete revolt leading Captian Spearslayer and other political prisoners to safety.

- Calidore later charmed Kelson Darktrader the honorable ranger and explained that he did not necessarily murder the High Priest. Darktreader and Calidore then visited the Duke and explained the situation. Things took a turn as Cecil had rescued Lady Bronwin and was now trying to escape Daggerford. The Duke promised Calidore and Mordo the title of Baron if they returned Bronwin to Daggerford. Calidore agreed, but then left Daggerford with the group although he absolutely wants the new title. He has a fortnight to make this work.

-The group ended up fleeing Daggerford by ship. As they were headed out to sea to travel to Waterdeep they were attacked by a goblin force navel blockade. They ended up losing the ship and made it to shore. They had to fight through 800 soldiers. The goblin foces suffered 100 loses mostly at the Hands of Calidore. Using the cube, he turned a huge force into zombies and turned them against the goblin force, which consisted of giants, hobgoblins and other creatures.

- Making it to Waterdeep, Calidore purchased a Villa to study his immortality scroll. he cast it on the first full moon but it failed. He nearly died.

Calidore Dormammu

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